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Bringing your creative dreams into reality. Design & illustration for people,brands, and publications.

Hey there, I’m Anthony!

Most days you can find me teaching art and design at Apple and live drawing for my instagram audience. I love serving the world by sharing what I’ve learned and inspiring fellow artist. 

I’m most known for my work with start ups and entrepreneurs, but the most important thing that I do is helping bring ideas to life. 

When I’m not busy working on design projects you can catch me sketching on the metro, spending time with my family, watching anything sci-fi and listening to podcast.( Japanese pod 101 is one of my favorites for language learning.)

If your dying to hear more, here are few things you might not know about me:

I take care of many plants, including two cacti, a bamboo, aloe, violet plant, and a bonsai tree.

I’m a huge fan of Japanese Manga and Anime.

I love drawing people, I keep a sketch book with me at all times.

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